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With her "unique and captivating voice" (Broadway World) and over 16 years of experience in the music and entertainment industry, singer-songwriter and actor Michelle Green holds an impressive track record.

From being the voice of legendary Manga character "Sailor Moon" on Israeli TV and of several Disney Characters on Disney Israeli channel, through being a semi-finalist on Israeli Idol and internationally touring with the world renowned A-capella/beatbox off Broadway show "The Vocapeople".

The NYC based singer-songwriter says the city has had a massive influence on her sound, and describes her music as "acoustic soul-pop". As such, she often uses Jazzy, soulful tones in her singing as well as soft acoustic melodies. 

In April 2020, while quarantined at home, Michelle felt the urge to stay creative and connected to the world. She released "2009", a full album she wrote 10 years prior and has never been released before. "This album is extremely different than the music I write nowadays" Michelle says "but it's all me. As an artist I feel it's important to experiment and write whatever kind of music you're into at the moment. We evolve, and creative ideas change as we grow." 

On October 5th, Michelle released "Trial By Jury", her first single from her new EP "Raising Spirits". She since released two more singles "30s" and "Wings"- both have been well received by the audience.

Michelle's music is available on all music streaming platforms. 

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